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Swadharma Impact & Case Study

Since Swadharma is a transformative learning programme with the goal of self-discovery, we were keen on studying the impact it has been generating in the lives of our participants over the period of time. We observe changes during and after the unfolding of the programme but the objective of this study is to understand which and how resilient the takeaways from the Swadharma journey are. What are the underlying patterns? What are we able to deliver well? What could we do better?


The 1st Swadharma programme took place in August 2016. As of the date of these studies, Swadharma has been running for 4+ years now and 8 batches have gone through, which is a substantial time for shifts to mature and the study to be meaningful.


Feedback is an integral part of our design process, and the learnings from Swadharma would help us tune our future programmes since Swadharma is a one-of-its-kind foundational programme from Auroville and has served as means of inspiration for the wider community interested in integral education.

The secondary objective of the studies is community building, as a kind of reminder to the participants of their Swadharma and creating a means for them to reflect on their journey. The patterns help find a sense of solidarity in the community. You can find the two studies below.

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