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Swadharma course follows a pedagogy deeply rooted in exploring and discovering one's true potential. Its objective is to help the learner to come in touch with the inherent evolutionary force of their being through a series of simultaneous inner and outer explorations. The awakening and growth of the being is the fundamental condition for the unfolding of Swadharma, the work governed by one’s own nature. Only when this unfolding happens, an individual can act in the world with harmony and delight, expressing the highest possibility of one’s life’s creative purpose.


To facilitate the emergence of Swadharma, the learning process will be:

  1. Self-referential - finding the inner guide

  2. Self-directed - choices based on inner guidance

  3. Experiential - learning by doing

  4. Immersive - in your context, full-time

  5. Integral - touching all parts, wholesome


The pedagogy recognises that awakening and growth of the being is a lifelong process and the purpose of the course is to initiate and establish the learner on the path of unending self-exploration, self-discovery and self-creation. A growing passion for the joy of learning and creative self-transformation will be the sign that the inherent force dormant within the individual is awake and beginning to chart its course of growth. Such an individual will be self-driven and in harmony with the individual purpose and the purpose of the larger whole of which the individual is a part. Thus, the pedagogy simultaneously enables the learner to be:

  • In harmony with one’s inner nature

  • In harmony with one’s outer work

  • In harmony with the larger whole of which the individual is a part.



Learning Objective

Swadharma has been designed as a multidisciplinary foundation course. It provides the learner with knowledge and skills to develop themselves further in any field of work that one may get drawn into.


The learning objective of the Swadharma is intended to be two-fold:

  1. Inner Development

  2. Outer Manifestation


Inner Development

The inner development is envisioned to help the student to identify their inner nature and true calling by developing self-awareness. This would provide the necessary inner foundation for engaging with the outer world to manifest one’s dreams. It is to be understood that the development of self-awareness is a lifelong process and the Swadharma course is only laying the foundations for the student to make this lifelong journey.

1. Discover Your Swabhava

By discovering your Swabhava, you can discover your innate nature and its gifts. Learn to honour your inner nature by discovering your Soul Essence and your Soul Force. What lies latent deep within the heart has to be brought out into the clear understanding of the mind so that the intelligence and the will can now engage in supporting the inner potential to unfold.


2. Discover Your Swadharma

Learning to listen to the inner guide reveals one's potential and purpose. This opens the doors of intuition and inspiration, setting in motion self-directed work in harmony with one’s own nature. As the inner guide emerges, with it comes increasing integrity, harmony and perfection in one’s inner nature as well as the outer work. Your Swadharma will be a natural outcome once you offer your life for the work that wants to come through you, in alignment with your Swabhava.


Outer Manifestation

While inner development enables the student to come in touch with one’s own calling, the outer expression and manifestation require generic knowledge and skills so that one can actively and creatively engage with the world around to manifest one’s dreams. To facilitate this, the course has been envisioned to provide the following knowledge and skills, so you that you can live your Swadharma.

1. Intuitive Design

Train the thinking process to be systematic and creative by opening to intuition and inspiration so that it can be applied in solving problems that are challenging and engaging.

2. Communication

Learn how to articulate and express oneself precisely and efficiently so that one can inspire, invite and engage with the world.

3. Peer Support

Learn to support one another and hold each other accountable through deep listening, empathy and collective practice.

4. Leadership

Learn to take responsibility and initiative and make things happen by perseverance, by manifesting one’s dream project. It is only through work that the potentiality becomes actuality, an embodied capacity.

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